SWITCH D-LINK 48 PUERTOS 10/100/1000 + 4SFP

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Conmutador Ethernet D-Link DGS-2000-52 52 Puertos Gestionable – 3 Capa compatible – Modular – Fibra Óptica, Par trenzado – 1U Alto – Montaje en bastidor

The DGS-2000 Series provide a diverse range of Gigabit port densities to accommodate various needs of enterprise access layer connectivity. With options such as PoE to conveniently power edge devices, SFP ports to extend network connectivity, advanced Layer 2 functionalities, and Layer 3 Lite manageability, the DGS-2000 Series is the ideal choice for any enterprise access layer deployment.

Different combinations of 1000BASE-T, 100/1000 Mbps GbE/SFP combo, and 100/1000 Mbps SFP
PoE and non-PoE variations
Auto Surveillance and Voice VLAN detection for uninterrupted surveillance video and jitter-free VoIP calls
Up to 30W per port with 370W total PoE power budget
Layer 2 management and security, with Layer 3 Lite features
Supports D-Link Network Assistant (DNA) and Web UI utilities
Supports Command Line Interface (CLI) via Telnet or SSH
A Cost-Effective, Flexible and Reliable Solution for Enterprise SMB Networking

Fully Managed Access Switches | DGS-2000 Series

Why you Want it
Flexible Hardware Design

Wide range of port and media types, including 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 ports, 100/1000 Mbps GbE/SFP combo ports, and 100/1000 Mbps SFP ports.

Network Security

D-Link’s innovative Safeguard Engine™ protects the switches against traffic flooding caused by malicious attacks.

Quality of Service

Auto detection for uninterrupted surveillance video and jitter-free VoIP calls

User Friendly Web GUI

Supports D-Link Network assistant, web UI utilities and command line interface (CLI) via Telnet or SSH

Layer 2 Features

Equipped with a complete lineup of L2 features, including IGMP snooping, port mirroring, spanning tree protocol(STP), and link aggregation control protocol (LACP).

Lite Layer 3 Features

Supports IP interfaces, ARP, IPv6 neighbor discovery (ND) and default routing

Switching Capacity

Up to 104 Gbps switching capacity

PoE Capable

Maximum PoE budget up to 370W

Ultra High Availability

For mission critical environments, the DGS-2000 series supports IGMP snooping, port mirroring, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP). The IEEE 802.3x Flow Control function allows servers to directly connect to the switch for fast, reliable data transfers.

Network maintenance features include loopback detection and cable diagnostics. Loopback detection significantly speeds up troubleshooting by automatically detecting and terminating switching loops.

The cable diagnostics feature, designed primarily for administrators and customer service representatives, determines the cable quality and quickly discovers errors, allowing for effortless diagnostics and maintenance.

An Added Line of Defense Against Attacks
Defend your network with D-Link’s innovative Safeguard Engine™ to neutralize threats such as malicious network flooding attacks, ARP spoofing, and bogus DHCP IP addressing. Compatible with 802.1X RADIUS server applications, port-based and host-based authentication are applied through the Access Control List (ACL) to enhance network security.






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